Hello there.

This is my blog. As with most other collections of words and paragraphs and stuff that floats along beams of intricately laced light inside the internet, it is full of insouciantly ill-informed rants, scathing anger and stories that you have already read on the Daily Mail sidebar thing. I am trying to update this little space of mine on a weekly basis but in all honesty there is more chance of you actually knowing which one is Ant and which one is Dec. You have no fucking idea which one is which and neither do I. It would require years of testing, scientific precision and a set of cool, rational minds to do so. But that is life in Britain. Hopefully this crack of light seeping out of the crazy house might be illuminating.

Off you go,

William Lloyd



2 thoughts on “About

    • They are a pair of cheeky, interchangeable light entertainment droids that are a staple of Saturday night television here in Great Britain.

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