Going To University

When going to Uni, the two real issues are money and what, if anything occurs after we roll out of the place. Thanks to Tweedle Dave and Tweedle Dumb over at Westminster both latter and former take on an increasingly cartoonish aspect. The economy resembles a skateboard riding, arthritic waiter hurtling towards a closed door carrying an offensive number of dirty dishes on one finger. The economy was bad enough in 2008, when forensic photos of Gordon Brown’s fingernails were considered news. If he were still PM the poor bloke probably would’ve chewed off his own arms by now. Money is the smaller pain anyway, it’s one of those things you need ‘enough’ of, like sex, food and sanitary products.

The future is the scary thing, the one people don’t really like to talk about and put up strained white flag smiles up for. Morosely the future limps into view. If the media is right – and lets not kid ourselves it always is – in four years time I’ll either be Mark Renton or Patrick Bateman. Maybe I’ll be both. Maybe I’ll be camped in a Milton Keynes squat huddling for warmth over a charred pile of worthless fivers. Probably not. I mean there are few limits for a possessor of a History degree right?

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