About Me

I’m always on the verge of doing things, deciding to think about things – joining a gym, getting a ‘personality’ haircut, actually sitting down and reading Pride and bloody Prejudice. This is Generation Nag, Generation Fanboi, we’re all so desensitized to everything thanks to the Internet that a woman putting a cat in a bin gets more media coverage than a Japanese tsunami.

Culture is the window I like to examine things through, looking in, past the happy condensation and shuddering orange glow of mass appeal. Being the only teenage Morrissey fan left alive in the year 2012 (it feels like it), the greatest affront culture presents is song lyrics. In 30 years we went from ‘Hand in Glove’ to ‘Party Rock Anthem’.

Of course sitting on a ledge of pure threshold, juggling little bright black mirrors like everyone else, I’m in no position to cast a critical eye – but I will try anyway.

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